• 1.20.9 - The Invicta Crusade

    Diogo Cordeiro 1 year ago 2 commits to 1.20.x since this release

    Dropped Support for PHP5.6.x. Minimum PHP version now is 7.0.0.

    Release name chosen after Porto city. Porto is one of the oldest cities in Europe and thanks to its fierce resistance during two battles and sieges in history, it has earned the epithet of ‘Cidade Invicta’ (Invincible City). The dev team behind this release studies in Porto, Portugal.

    Major changes from previous release:

    • Various patches on PEAR related components
    • Various database related improvements
    • Improved XMPP support
    • Added Nodeinfo support
    • Various i18n and l10n bug fixes
    • Improvements on Internal Session Handler
    • Improvements on OpenID support
    • Improved Media handling and safer upload
    • Redirect to previous page after login
    • Initial work on full conversion to PHP7
    • Initial work on a better documentation
    • Allow login with email
    • Various bug fixes
  • 1.1.3 - The Spanish Invasion

    Diogo Cordeiro 6 years ago 0 commits to 1.1.x since this release

    New this version

    This is a security fix and bug fix release since 1.1.3-beta2. All 1.1.x sites should upgrade to this version.

    So far it includes the following changes:

    Upgrades from StatusNet 1.1.1 will also experience these improvements:

    • Fixes for SQL injection errors in profile lists.
    • Improved ActivityStreams JSON representation of activities and objects.
    • Upgrade to the Twitter 1.1 API.
    • More robust handling of errors in distribution.
    • Fix error in OStatus subscription for remote groups.
    • Fix error in XMPP distribution.
    • Tracking of conversation URI metadata (more coherent convos)