my (demuredemeanor) dotfiles

demure 4de7a0d6f7 updated conky to use current syntax 3 weeks ago
GNU_Stow f845375a84 Added some cc figlet fonts. 1 year ago
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docs c08b7440c7 added geo data exif purge 4 weeks ago
newsboat df388b048f Fix double open caused by grep update. set mpv to keep the osc up for podcasts. 1 year ago
retired_confs 517d25eacb Some big changes in my workflow. First, trying kitty terminal emulator as main terminal emulator. It adds good icon support. i3 has backup terminal bindings now, and urxvt will continue to be a launcher term. Second, lemonbar is retired and polybar is being used. polybar is much simpler to deal with, and much easier to tweak. 1 year ago
ssh 8ac8e8eea8 Updated ssh conf. 1 year ago
subbash 31a1cd982d Added epy epub reader. 1 month ago
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Profile.ps1 67b0f5e3d5 Cause sometimes I'm forced to use powershell... 2 months ago a102da101c Added note about XDG_CONFIG_HOME 1 year ago
Xdefaults e042935fce added xcursor theme, cause the cursor looked drep on void's default with i3. 1 year ago
Xmodmap a121b97798 New thinkpad x260 has Print where Super_R should be... rebinding 4 years ago
asound.conf 598e85779c Moved to 4 spaces instead of tabs... made vim indent color default. Fixed trailing spaces. 1 year ago
bashrc e75c474eb5 Got around to fixing links 5 years ago
inputrc 598e85779c Moved to 4 spaces instead of tabs... made vim indent color default. Fixed trailing spaces. 1 year ago
libao 98f4bc5e43 Needed to fix pianobar, otherwise other sounds will be blocked while pianobar is running 4 years ago
notmuch-config 57543631bd email updates. 2 months ago
slashemrc 57affbb50a Inital commit, needs more work 5 years ago
tmux.conf c420c5cf6f Updated tmux a bit... will need a lot more work. For now, added clipboard yank -> system clipboard. 1 year ago
urlview 70ab913f67 Commented out to reset to defaults. 1 year ago
vimrc 8ead9f18bf Added HighlightRepeats fuction to vim 6 months ago
xinitrc 84f67091c3 Added fix for giant calibre. 2 years ago

Demure's Dotfiles

This is a repo of my dot files, to help me keep them organized,
and in-sync between computers and servers.

I am in the long process of revamping all of my files, adding useful plugins,
organizing snippets, improving comments, and trying making one conf work for
all my systems (when/where possible).

NOTE: While I am currently continuing to maintain the github repo,
I have moved to gitorious. Repo link in top comments, of most comment-able confs.
With the death of gitorious, I am currently using notabug.

You may like my blog as well,


Aside from installing by hand, you could use GNU Stow.

cd path_to_dotfiles_clone/GNU_Stow
stow -t ~ cli     ## main programs
stow -t ~ gui     ## gui programs

NOTE: -t PATH is used as the stow 'packages' are recessed.


  • I think my vimrc has improved a good deal ^__^
    • It will now auto install Vundle if missing, and create undo/backup/swap paths 8APR2013
    • Now updated for new vundle syntax 16NOV2014
  • My PS1 is much simpl.... Err, neater? 25APR2013
    • The machine test is much more consise, and the git check quite useful
  • Bashrc is now broken up into sub sourced files, much more orginzation potential 26MAY2013
  • Moved to the spectrwm window manager ~18MAY2014
  • Killed off my laptop's useless menu key, and now have a SUPER_R 21MAY2014
  • Added test and variable for missing items in bash 12NOV2014
  • Decided to declare my $PATH with everything I want 12NOV2014
  • Added a MISSING_ITEMS to check if disabled things disabled 13NOV2014
  • Added GNU Stow for installing 06MAR2014
  • Added mutt with multiple accounts, using offlineimap, not-much, and msmtp 25AUG2015
  • Moved to i3 window manager, and set up a sweet lemonbar 30JAN2016
  • Got around to updating stow dir to reflect current software. (still needs some work) 16NOV2018
  • Spent a lot of time refactory my prompt command's git 14MAR2019
  • Had to get fancy with i3 volume bindings as HDMI output caused sink changes 18JUN2019
  • Moved from lemonbar to polybar. Things are a lot cleaner and easier to tinker with now. 14JUL2019
    • lemonbar files moved to retired_confs dir.
  • Moved markdown docs/notes to a docs dir. 24JUL2019
  • Moved to prioritising $XDG_CONFIG_HOME for dotfiles. 01AUG2019


  • One of these days I need to try zsh

PS. If you happen to have advice, I certainly would be interested in ways to improve my setup.
If you do wish to contact me, I guess twitter is an ok way (spam mitigation)

Last edit 2019-08-01