my (demuredemeanor) dotfiles

demure c3806de955 changed lnav to load the last three of each log, instead of all. gets job done with less ram. 4 days ago
GNU_Stow 683390a1db added GNU Stow for new mutt files 3 years ago
config c0b34e6a09 Added options. 1 year ago
conky d85a8be566 complying to expected update interval 2 years ago
i3 192d13c9c9 force python path for clipster due to debian default issues. 1 month ago
mpv 743de03dc7 Added mpv function. Updated mpv volume to current name. Updated srandr on loging, to hopefully work correctly. 1 year ago
mutt 9b83d02d0c Disabled http auto viewing... due to icky safety needs. 1 month ago
newsboat 97e6e8e6f3 attemting to tell podboat what it needs to know. 3 months ago
ssh ee9abd618c Updated for new network stuffs. 4 months ago
subbash 69b02ec495 readded original rsy alias, and numbered newer ones. 1 month ago
system_wide 6e731f7a9f Added bad bytes sent filter for / on main site. 2 months ago
tmuxinator c3806de955 changed lnav to load the last three of each log, instead of all. gets job done with less ram. 4 days ago
.gitignore b12a0f1a83 Added fold 5 years ago
LICENSE 42e6acd66a Init commit 3 years ago dd214ed0d3 Updated link 1 year ago
Xdefaults 78c2f00dae Cleared out some old lines, and attempted to get less mouse scrolling... needs patched urxvt... 9 months ago
Xmodmap a121b97798 New thinkpad x260 has Print where Super_R should be... rebinding 2 years ago
asound.conf d59667d91a Added solfvol i3 bindings. Added iptraf to installcheck. Fixed formatting. 1 year ago
bashrc e75c474eb5 Got around to fixing links 3 years ago
fehbg bbe556e338 Hmm, not sure why this line wasn't there... Or how it got added, now that I think about it. 3 years ago 25feda1598 Made programs use table. Updated formatting for markdown. Tweaked comment rules. 1 year ago
gitconfig 327e72ebcb Taught pull->rebase to show stats 2 years ago
inputrc a7b07e00d3 Read the readline info again, and found a few more nice settings 3 years ago
libao 98f4bc5e43 Needed to fix pianobar, otherwise other sounds will be blocked while pianobar is running 2 years ago
msmtprc d7ab12160f Added aha account. Started trying to make gmail labels work... 8 months ago
notmuch-config 3068fa0ff9 Started to work on notmuch. Moved parts to correct files. Updated format to new smarttabs. 1 year ago
offlineimaprc e7eb118690 New MA cert 1 week ago 6f1fd2756e Updated files for newsbeuter -> newsboat change. 4 months ago
slashemrc 57affbb50a Inital commit, needs more work 3 years ago
spectrwm.conf 3ecd310bc4 Added note 2 years ago
stalonetrayrc d8118da4c0 Needs more tweaking, but at least it doesn't make a bar above my lemonbar anymore 2 years ago
tmux.conf c8c2680bf2 Used new mouse conf line. Removed unneeded unbindings. Removed unused lines. 9 months ago
urlview e75c474eb5 Got around to fixing links 3 years ago
vimrc 58000dd353 Added borg envar, borg alias. Removed nvim. Added host check to sdf __ssh_agent. 1 year ago
xinitrc 84f67091c3 Added fix for giant calibre. 10 months ago

Demure's Dotfiles

This is a repo of my dot files, to help me keep them organized,
and in-sync between computers and servers.

I am in the long process of revamping all of my files, adding useful plugins,
organizing snippets, improving comments, and trying making one conf work for
all my systems (when/where possible).

NOTE: While I am currently continuing to maintain the github repo,
I have moved to gitorious. Repo link in top comments, of most comment-able confs.
With the death of gitorious, I am currently using notabug.

You may like my blog as well,


Aside from installing by hand, you could use GNU Stow.


  • I think my vimrc has improved a good deal ^__^
    • It will now auto install Vundle if missing, and create undo/backup/swap paths 8APR2013
    • Now updated for new vundle syntax 16NOV2014
  • My PS1 is much simpl.... Err, neater? 25APR2013
    • The machine test is much more consise, and the git check quite useful
  • Bashrc is now broken up into sub sourced files, much more orginzation potential 26MAY2013
  • Moved to the spectrwm window manager ~18MAY2014
  • Killed off my laptop's useless menu key, and now have a SUPER_R 21MAY2014
  • Added test and variable for missing items in bash 12NOV2014
  • Decided to declare my $PATH with everything I want 12NOV2014
  • Added a MISSING_ITEMS to check if disabled things disabled 13NOV2014
  • Added GNU Stow for installing 06MAR2014
  • Added mutt with multiple accounts, using offlineimap, not-much, and msmtp 25AUG2015
  • Moved to i3 window manager, and set up a sweet lemonbar 30JAN2016


  • For tmux, I am still debating to use powerline or not...
    • One of the annoying issues is that the current beta seems pretty confusing

PS. If you happen to have advice, I certainly would be interested in ways to improve my setup.
If you do wish to contact me, I guess twitter is an ok way (spam mitigation)

Last edit 16JUL2017