Christopher Allan Webber 0327c09557 Clean paths in package-config.scm 1 year ago
contrib 18c74950d1 More progress towards working websockets stuff. Add mime-types.scm to contrib. 1 year ago
command.scm 4070fd4d76 wrap-rmeta-slot -> build-rmeta-slot 1 year ago
container.scm ec50931b9a a note about the equality of containers 1 year ago
game-master.scm 106536778b Update to use #:init-thunk instead of #:init-value on actions slot 1 year ago
gameobj.scm 65602269da fix prop stuff 1 year ago
networking.scm 25c34496ce add connected/disconnected text 1 year ago
package-config.scm 0327c09557 Clean paths in package-config.scm 1 year ago f45624ba34 Add infrastructure for static files, etc 1 year ago
parser.scm 73cf0a8461 Add into to predicates 1 year ago
player.scm f22e3b3e60 distinguish container-sub-commands and container-dom-commands 1 year ago
room.scm 1b98acaf02 more bug-proof exit traversal 1 year ago
run-game.scm 7219c749ff wait to inject each object before we inject the next one 1 year ago
scrubl.scm 06be02f906 Add web ui module to imports 1 year ago
utils.scm 60360817d9 add utils.scm 1 year ago