cwebber's source

Updated 3 weeks ago

Guile bindings for [libgcrypt](!

Updated 6 months ago

8sync's website

Updated 6 months ago

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8sync based live hackable MUD

Updated 7 months ago

Utilities for developing web applications in Guile. Signed sessions, multipart message support, etc.

Updated 9 months ago

Postgresql bindings for Guile! (Uses Guile's FFI, so installation is easy!) Why "squee"? Because "squeal" is a silly way to pronounce squeal, and "squee" is an always-happy squeal! (Thanks for the great name, Aeva and Sheila!)

Updated 10 months ago

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Syncbot is an irc bot which is mostly a set of experiments for 8sync.

Updated 1 year ago

Chris Webber's personal MediaGoblin branches

Updated 2 years ago

Rescued MediaGoblin repositories from before Gitorious shutdown.

Updated 2 years ago

A fun tutorial for learning Guile.

Updated 2 years ago