Postgresql bindings for Guile! (Uses Guile's FFI, so installation is easy!) Why "squee"? Because "squeal" is a silly way to pronounce squeal, and "squee" is an always-happy squeal! (Thanks for the great name, Aeva and Sheila!)

Updated 9 months ago

Guile implementation of the ZWave "serial API".

Updated 2 years ago

Exploring Guix System.

Updated 3 years ago

Local modifications to Andy Wingo's Guile-Charting.

Updated 3 years ago

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Personal copy of the Guile-SSH repository (

Updated 4 years ago

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Proof-of-concept extension of GCC 4.7 and 4.8 with Guile 2.0. See .

Updated 7 years ago