Very Minimalistic IRC client for KaiOS

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Very Minimalistic IRC client is a really minimalistic and simple IRC client for Nokia 8110 4G(the banana phone) which connects to freenode(server address is hardcoded).


You can enter these commands by pressing SoftLeft(msg) key.

  • /join #somechannel: Join #somechannel.
  • /j #somechannel: Alias for join.
  • /part: Leave the current channel.
  • /close: Close the current window.


  • The center/enter key is used to select link(s) on the current
  • Use Call key to send PMs. focused message(if any).
  • The soft right key is used to close the application and connection.
  • The soft left key is used to send message or to execute a command like JOIN or PART or CLOSE(ex: /join #bananahackers)
  • Use back(space) key to have VM-IRC in background and open other applications or to exit from link selection menu.
  • Use 1 and 3 to decrease and increase font size.
  • Use 2 to reset font size.
  • Use Left and Right arrow keys to switch between windows(channels and PVs)
  • Use Up and Down arrow keys to move a message up or down
  • Use the star key(*) to hide/show userlist pane.
  • Use hash key(#) to turn on/off screen wake lock. With screen wake lock enabled, screen won't become disabled or off while app is running.


This is free software with no warranty from me the author or other contributers. Under GNU LGPL 3.0 or at your option any later version. see LICENSE for more information

The icon is under CC0 1.0 by me.