Matrix client for KaiOS[WIP]

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Matrix client for KaiOS [WIP]

I've started a new project named Chooj on Github

Current status:

  • You can login with password only.
  • You can see a list of DMs and invite people to your DM.
  • You can start voice call with someone by pressing Call key.
  • You can start a DM with Farooq by pressing Call key in "About" tab.
  • Invites are all auto accepted!
  • Due to memory hungry design of matrix-js-sdk you may not join rooms with large number of members

Currrent goal is to fully support voice calls.

  • Improve performance with InfernoJS whenever possible
  • Push Notification + Attention screen or something to show incoming calls

The push gateway address is stored in TXT DNS record of and its code is available here:

Performance improvement TODO

This is a list of files which "Normalization" should be disabled in them if possible.

  • About.js
  • CallScreen.js
  • DMsView.js
  • Login.js
  • TabView.js
  • Avatar.js
  • ChatDMItem.js
  • ListView.js
  • Matrix.js

Thanks to

  • God for giving me the ability to code and do programming
  • Ivan Pasev and Sean for helping me test the app
  • Ahmad Malik for providing a good example of how Push API is used, how to use Notification API inside SW and for good hints
  • BananaHackers community
  • #! aka hashbang admins and sponsors for providing a good web app hosting
  • thunix for providing a good server which I develop this app on it


All under GPLv3 unless something else was specified.