Blocklist against spyware, tracking and analytics in games.

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Blocklist against spyware, tracking and analytics in games.

Tracking and analyzing users doesn't stop when it comes to gaming.

On gameindustry you will find an unbelievably large list which opposes this.

You can grab the whole blocklist (hosts file) from this site. Alternately I provide a slightly modified list here. The reason for was making it integrateable as addition for other platforms and tools.


Entries that contain Google,Microsoft,Apple,Facebook,Twitter,OCSP,CRL,CDNs were removed. Else online services could be severely limited. There are a many other blocklists out there for trackers and ads in general.

Modified blocklist:

There is a script example if you want to do it yourself instead of downloading.

I only use a simple script and offer the finished file. Updates are made regularly when changes are made.

All the hard work and testing is done by the awesome guy from Gameindustry!


License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0