Automate resume & cover letter creation; generate PDFs from .odt templates on the fly while scraping the job post & tracking employer status.

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Resgen: Resume Generator Automation

A Ruby-based application to automate the lengthy steps for writing and dating cover letters and keep track of companies and jobs you've applied to.

Generate PDFs from Libre Office .odt templates on the fly and save a copy of the job posting, all without ever having to leave your terminal!

The only thing Resgen doesn't do for you is actually send the resume (but with some minor tweaks, it could do that, too!)

Resgen in action

Zero technical skill required for use

How it works:

  • Initialize Resgen by navigating to it's directory in your terminal and running ruby resgen
  • Resgen will prompt you for information about your job prospect & even alert you if you've applied there before
  • Based on the information you give Resgen, a customized cover letter with the employer name and current date will be generated and merged with your regular resume, straight from .odt templates; no needing to have to create the PDFs by hand any time you want to update it - Resgen does it for you
  • Resgen also scrapes the job posting and saves a textual copy (and dates the file), so you have a point of reference when you're called in for an interview
  • Saves a copy of your resume to your preferred destination (for easy upload); also saves a copy alongside the job posting scrape for easy reference when reviewing that particular job's application details
  • Generate Reports for weekly, monthly or yearly job applying activity
  • Frequently Asked Questions


To upgrade from a previous version of Resgen, follow the Upgrade wiki

Compatible Operating Systems (64-bit)

(It would work on 32-bit too, I just didn't include the needed drivers to support it, if you are using 32-bit, let me know and support will be added. If you're unsure whether or not your OS is 64/32-bit, it is probably 64-bit.)

Quick install

If you need OS-specific instructions, see the compatible operating systems above for links to detailed steps.

git clone && cd resgen && ruby resgen


  • Ruby >= 2.4.x
  • Ruby gems
  • Libre Office 3.5+
  • Firefox ESR 60+ or Firefox 62+ (Waterfox and prior versions of Firefox are not compatible)

As of Resgen v1.3.0, Ruby Gem dependencies are automatically installed during the initial launch of the application.

Why is Firefox required?


The configuration for the application can be found at config.yml; modify the paths according to your environment.

The template.odt file has examples of the variables you'll need to add to your own cover letter in order for Resgen to automate for you. If you wish to add more fields, do so by modifying the resgen loop in controller.rb and featuring the subsequent [NEW_VARS] in your cover letter template.

For detailed instructions on adding additional fields, see the Custom Fields wiki

Bugs or Issues

Check the Install Help wiki or post an issue on the bug tracker


GPLv2 only

Find this useful?

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