Cheat sheets, customizations and configurations I use across multiple systems.

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Configurations & Customizations

Archive of configuration files & customizations I regularly use across multiple systems.

Automated Git Notifications for Remote Backups

git output

Reject the automated pull if a VPN session is detected:

git output

git output

Find this on the crontab


Atom colored bracket matcher CSS:

atom colored bracket matcher

Also part of Ghoulish UI theme for Atom, which is also where most of my UI modifications now go, instead of custom CSS.


.bashrc git branch display in active terminal:

bashrc git branch

Prompt colorization and git branch details.


Waterfox launch page wallpaper:

waterfox launch page Art by Frostwindz

Home page wallpaper background and CSS customizations to make it less bland.

Waterfox new tab wallpaper: waterfox new tab wallpaper Art by sabin-boykinov

Visited page box shadows, new tab page wallpaper & matching search input with semi-transparent background.

Firefox ESR 60 Fixes to Restore old New Tab / about:home / about:tab Page

firefox 60 fixes with

  • Restores the classic new tab layout page in pure CSS, without an extension needed!
  • Restore the original visited pages thumbnail size, from the new tiny squares to the old rectangle boxes
  • Rid the Firefox branding in the corner
  • Auto-adjusting layout independent of static screen resolution
  • Status bar reclaimed after the Status 4 Evar extension became deprecated, thanks to MatMoul
  • Restore the rounded tabs, thanks to wilfredwee
  • Restore logo, except more theme-fitting this time; instead of the Firefox logo. Cauldron clipart from Rocket Theme
  • Halloween background art by Art by Frostwindz

firefox 60 fixes without visited pages Looks just as cool without the visited page boxes :)

GTK Dark Theme

Qogir-dark customizations: gtk dark theme GTK theme Qogir-dark, Evil Dead art by Devon Whitehead

Nautilus left-panel and header bar transparency, action colors switched from blue to dark purple and Nautilus logo + background.