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  alkostuchkov 2826b7a5fa Added: .c/brave-flags.conf 3 weeks ago
  alkostuchkov c98fe89ca9 configs 2 months ago
  alkostuchkov 1a7298a6fd configs 2 months ago
  alkostuchkov b9386da7d3 configs 5 months ago
  alkostuchkov 466feb6bae configs 7 months ago
  alkostuchkov e31857a0e3 Added: .c/micro/settings.json 8 months ago
  alkostuchkov 6218982c38 configs 8 months ago
  alkostuchkov a4022c0978 configs 9 months ago
  alkostuchkov c26e36ee4f Modified: .myS/dmenu/ (added DMENU variable); .c/rofi/themes/lb.rasi 10 months ago
  alkostuchkov d51f322df3 Modified: .bashrc .profile .zshrc (added GOPATH). 10 months ago
  alkostuchkov 3597412577 Added: .myS/conky/get_ip on Go. 10 months ago
  alkostuchkov 44dd197f29 configs 10 months ago
  alkostuchkov 2f3959309b Modified: .c/qtile/ (single_border_width, single_margin, border_on_single for layouts). 11 months ago
  alkostuchkov 929573d4ed Modified: .zshrc (changed source for zsh-syntax-highlighting.zsh and zsh-autosuggestions.zsh). 11 months ago
  alkostuchkov 3a33c7f828 Modified: .c/qtile/scripts/ 11 months ago
  alkostuchkov 3462c59fa2 Moved: all qtile scripts into .c/qtile/scripts/; added instead of 11 months ago
  alkostuchkov e18fae8b7b Modified: .c/qtile/ (renamed .myScripts/dmscripts/ 11 months ago
  alkostuchkov db589b68a5 Renamed: .myS/dmenu to .myS/dmscripts; to 11 months ago
  alkostuchkov 3d77c6932e Modified: .zshrc 11 months ago
  alkostuchkov 639a080141 Added: .myScripts/ 11 months ago
  alkostuchkov 32c587834b Added Beekeeper-Studio desktop file. 1 year ago
  alkostuchkov 6d11c83d94 Modified PATH in shell configs for faltpak. 1 year ago
  alkostuchkov f892094312 configs 1 year ago
  alkostuchkov bb05e460ed configs 1 year ago
  alkostuchkov d3b62b2134 configs 1 year ago
  alkostuchkov 6d523b7e57 configs: .c/vifm/vifmrc added toggelefilesmoreinfo. 1 year ago
  alkostuchkov c143e63245 configs: .c/nvim/init(ginit).vim ayu-mirage theme. 1 year ago
  alkostuchkov 9d24ead8f4 configs 1 year ago
  alkostuchkov e683ba382b configs: .c/nvim/init.vim (.venv for YouCompleteMe). 1 year ago
  alkostuchkov 1d7e3220a0 configs: .c/qtile/ (changed Max layout parameters and KeyChord: mode and name (release 0.22.0)). 1 year ago