Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  alkostuchkov 4c8c658167 Fixed: .c/awesome/rc.lua (autostart for redshift). 3 weeks ago
  alkostuchkov bee36713bf configs 3 weeks ago
  alkostuchkov 2593c85e66 Fixed: .c/polybar/scripts/ (shows nothing if no updates). 3 weeks ago
  alkostuchkov dd8c6662a3 Added_Modified: .c/redshift/redshift.conf (instead of xfluxgui), modified autostarts in: qtile, awesome, i3. 3 weeks ago
  alkostuchkov 3e613c53e4 Modified: .c/qtile/ (added icon into OpenWeather widget). 3 weeks ago
  alkostuchkov b4de506442 configs 3 weeks ago
  alkostuchkov 7b971e5876 configs 3 weeks ago
  alkostuchkov 4a94e06e0c configs 3 weeks ago
  alkostuchkov 1f52307e80 configs 3 weeks ago
  alkostuchkov 248aef6582 configs 3 weeks ago
  alkostuchkov e7713cd23a configs 3 weeks ago
  alkostuchkov cb6f23ad15 Added_Modified: .c/polybar/* (added updates module). 3 weeks ago
  alkostuchkov 153aa16737 Added_Modified: .c/polybar/* 3 weeks ago
  alkostuchkov 8ce325d449 Fixed: .myS/dmscripts/ (fixed search and replace theme name because of alacritty migration from .yml to .toml). 3 weeks ago
  alkostuchkov 08cf62caf8 configs 3 weeks ago
  alkostuchkov 5258f5f642 Modified: .c/awesome/awesome-wm-widgets/cpu-widget(ram-widget)/*.lua (fixed showing widget icon: don't need any more separate icons for these widgets!). 3 weeks ago
  alkostuchkov 98084994e6 Modified: .c/i3/config (like in Qtile and Awesome WMs). 4 weeks ago
  alkostuchkov 1624d7ba0b Modified: .c/awesome/rc.lua 4 weeks ago
  alkostuchkov 1302b52ac2 Modified: .c/awesome/rc.lua (added popup calendar in textclock widget) 4 weeks ago
  alkostuchkov e402970ae8 Added_Modified: .c/awesome/awesome-wm-widgets/cpu-widget/cpu-widget-icon.lua .c/awesome/rc.lua 4 weeks ago
  alkostuchkov 54695b9a55 Added_Modified: .c/awesome/awesome-wm-widgets/ram-widget(cpu-widget)/* .c/awesome/rc.lua 4 weeks ago
  alkostuchkov cef7231d7f Added_Modified: .c/awesome/awesome-wm-widgets/ram-widget(pacman-widget)/* 1 month ago
  alkostuchkov 4d9ac4680b Added: .c/awesome/awesome-wm-widgets/ram-widget/* 1 month ago
  alkostuchkov a1ec44a945 Modified: .c/awesome/rc.lua (commented set_wallpaper function - now use nitrogen to set wallpapers). 1 month ago
  alkostuchkov 14e7723269 Modified: .c/awesome/awesome-wm-widgets/pacman-widget/pacman.lua (added fg color for widget). 1 month ago
  alkostuchkov 3e777c743b configs 1 year ago
  alkostuchkov 1123817a88 Modified: .c/awesome/awesome-wm-widgets/pacman-widget/pacman.lua (added hide widget if no updates and fixed popup height output by +1). 1 month ago
  alkostuchkov a56eab628d Modified: .c/awesome/awesome-wm-widgets/pacman-widget/pacman.lua 1 month ago
  alkostuchkov eb43630334 Modified: .c/awesome/rc.lua, .c/awesome/themes/mymaterial/theme.lua 1 month ago
  alkostuchkov 723513c056 Added: .c/awesome/awesome-wm-widgets/* (removed accidently added files). 1 month ago