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a telegram bot to Send a notification when a new discount occurs in Nintendo store


I wrote this code for personal use.

But I decided to publish it . you might benefit from it.

I love video games, especially Nintendo Switch games.

When I have time, I open the store and browse the new discounts.

At last I decided to write this bot to Watch the store instead of me.


The bot is written using Ruby

so it needs Ruby


to install the bot

Open your os terminal then clone the bot code useing git

git clone

then type

cd switch_discounts

bundle install


to use this bot

You need bot token and chat_id

and you must create bot useing BotFather

the bot take the bot token and chat_id as Environment variables

for example in my gnu linux system

export BOT_TOKEN="your BOT_TOKEN"
export CHAT_ID="your CHAT_ID"

run the bot:

to run this bot Open your os terminal then type

ruby switch_discounts.rb

If you want to run the bot in the background

use nohup

getting help

So you need help.

People can help you, but first help them help you, and don't waste their time.

Provide a complete description of the issue.

If it works on A but not on B and others have to ask you: "so what is different between A and B" you are wasting everyone's time.

"hello", "please" and "thanks" are not swear words.


gpl v3+