Uruk Update Manager Free and Open Source System Update Manager to manage Uruk GNU/Linux system (or any other Debian based system) updates

Updated 1 month ago

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Go package that implements IP-based token buckets for rate limiting

Updated 1 month ago

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a simple command-line interface that enables users to chat with an AI model using the OpenAI API.

Updated 1 month ago

A Python library to calculate the sun's position and phases

Updated 2 months ago

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a Lua module that provides implementations of various sorting algorithms.

Updated 3 months ago

a Telegram bot that filters out unwanted words and phrases in group chats. It helps to maintain a clean and respectful environment for communication.

Updated 3 months ago

simple blockchain for educational purposes

Updated 5 months ago

my web site backend API

Updated 6 months ago

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This program can simulate a Famous package managers its use apt-get as back end

Updated 10 months ago

python Library use to Searchs for an image on the screen

Updated 11 months ago

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Small Brainfuck Interpreter written in go

Updated 1 year ago

This Program use to clean your system from cash files and logs

Updated 1 year ago

a rust Library contains functions for dealing with numbers without converting them to string

Updated 1 year ago

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Simple, easy to use password manager

Updated 1 year ago