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A Simple, small, powerful OCR web server

its use to Convert Image to text

to install it in your server

1- you nede golang, leptonica-dev, tesseract-ocr, libtesseract-dev , gcc, g++ git 2- Download the program from this link: then extract it ( in home folder recomended ).

then go to program folder by typing:

cd ocr-server

then type:

chmod +x

./ as root

to config the programme

open /etc/ocrconfig/server.conf as root

sudo nano /etc/ocrconfig/server.conf replace with your server host if your host is local Type http://localhost/ replace 8080 with your server port You want your irc server listen to it

then save the file

To add new language open /etc/ocrconfig/lang.conf

nano /etc/ocrconfig/lang.conf and add the new language to the list

for example to add The Arabic language the config file looks like

{ "Lang":"ar" }

and you can add More than language

for example

to add English and Arabic

the config file looks like

{ "Lang":"eng ar" }

to run the program


sudo /bin/ocr-server

And if you want to run it as service

type: systemctl enable ocr-server

have fun and be free

ali miracle