An Easter egg for hiding on websites. Like the Konami code but more convoluted.

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The Dream Code

The Dream Code is a short script intended to be used as an Easter egg on websites (happy Easter, incidentally) in a similar manner to the popular Konami code. However, instead of being based on the famous code from Contra, this script is based on the set of codes from the game Erika to Satoru no Yume Bōken (Erika and Satoru's Dream Adventure, hence the name of this script) which allow the determined player to view messages left by one of its developers.

How to Use

If JavaScript is enabled in your web browser, you should be able to test The Dream Code on the included demo.html file.

  1. jQuery is required to use this library. I have provided a version that is up-to-date as of writing, you may wish to use a later version if one is available.
  2. 18 minutes after opening a website with The Dream Code enabled, it will trigger the "dreamcodeGray" event.
  3. After a further 18 minutes, the "dreamcodeSepia" event will be triggered.
  4. 55 minutes after the previous event, the "dreamcodeSilent" event is triggered.
  5. Once the "dreamcodeSilent" event has been triggered, you can now type A, B, return, backspace and the left arrow key in any order, followed by A, B and the right arrow key, similarly in any order. This will trigger the "dreamcodeMusic" event.
  6. After completing the above, pressing B, backspace and the right arrow key followed by B and the right and down arrow keys - similarly to the previous sequences - will trigger the "dreamcodeMessage" event.
  7. Pressing A, B and the up arrow triggers the "dreamcodeMessage2" event followed by the "dreamcodeFinished" event after a further 18 minutes.


Thanks to The Cutting Room Floor for providing instructions on how to achieve this in the original game.


All included documentation and scripts of The Dream Code are available under the Apache License 2.0, with the exception of the jQuery library which is available under the Expat License from

Copyright © 2018 UltrasonicMadness.