Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Sylvie b2badbfd3f Don't start game on load failure 6 years ago
  swooboo 683ebd9586 Add support for actions and conditionals of multi-word items 6 years ago
  swooboo e922f1cfc3 Add support taking items with multi-word names 6 years ago
  Sylvie 2e4180285b Add support for multiline comments 6 years ago
  Sylvie cbefde5da4 Improve deployment instructions 6 years ago
  Sylvie f4efa40c64 Add fading effect when content changes 6 years ago
  Sylvie a87cbb9cd3 Add screenshot to README 6 years ago
  Sylvie 391ae4c0b8 Don't leave newlines when expressions return nothing 6 years ago
  Sylvie d97ad64a0f Add very simple versioning support to games 6 years ago
  Sylvie d18ec2c050 Add deployment instructions 6 years ago
  Sylvie f1020a5010 Merge branch 'multiplayer' 6 years ago
  Sylvie 78f0e086ec Host server for HERITAGE 6 years ago
  Sylvie 8666038b2a Save games locally to allow replaying after multiplayer match 6 years ago
  Sylvie b0235e1d91 Add log animations and simple exponential backoff for broker 6 years ago
  Sylvie 575cdc3775 Prevent XSS attacks in games and from other players 6 years ago
  Sylvie 9aabaec77c Make _name a variable games can read 6 years ago
  Sylvie 8cbff2c7b0 Basic multiplayer support 6 years ago
  Sylvie c87bd53c3d Instantly update room description when shown if someone enters or leaves the room 6 years ago
  Sylvie c470f5acce Show all users in the current room 6 years ago
  Sylvie 8139d96907 Add basic chat, name system, and the ability to see players who are in the same room 6 years ago
  Sylvie 5225a793b6 Add simple log system to make multiplayer messages less obstrusive 6 years ago
  Sylvie b250ee139a Start server and send game state to other client 6 years ago
  Sylvie 2008e0282f Fix setting string variables 6 years ago
  Sylvie 0fa723ddfb Fix TypeError caused by a lack of saved games 6 years ago
  Sylvie d29106e57a Prevent HERITAGE from showing a blank line if the line is completely comment 6 years ago
  Sylvie c679c44b50 Prevent start when no game is loaded 6 years ago
  Sylvie 01df04fb3a Fix accidentally tabbed code 6 years ago
  Sylvie aec7b2ec74 Fix and improve loading/saving mechanism 6 years ago
  Sylvie 36f55fe540 Fix clearsaves trying to start a new game 6 years ago
  Sylvie 74f8a43cea Remove useless trim 6 years ago