A minimal, pure-CSS Lightbox replacement

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A simple, pure-CSS Lightbox replacement.

An example page is available in the gh-pages branch, or online on GitHub Pages.

Why CSSBox?

  • Absolutely no JavaScript
  • Just over 1kb unminified (1445b including comments, 1139b excluding comments)
  • There is an even smaller version without gallery functionality in the v1 branch
  • Centers the image
  • Adds a nice, realistic shadow to the image
  • Dims the background
  • Allows you to navigate through images
  • Completely responsive, works on any screen size
  • Has a pretty fade in and fade out animation


Upload cssbox.css to your server and add a stylesheet link to it in your CSS.

Add your images like this:

<div class="cssbox">
    <a id="image2" href="#image2"><img class="cssbox_thumb" src="image_thumb.jpeg" />
        <span class="cssbox_full"><img src="image_full.jpeg" /></span>
    <a class="cssbox_close" href="#void"></a>
    <a class="cssbox_prev" href="#image1">&lt;</a>
    <a class="cssbox_next" href="#image3">&gt;</a>

In the example above, you add an image with id image2 (make sure that appears consistently in the a tag), with a close button, a previous button which switches to image1 and a next button which switches to image3.

If you do not need the previous and next buttons, just leave the a elements out. If you NEVER need gallery functionality, you may want to look in the v1 branch, which contains a smaller version without gallery functionality.

When a visitor clicks the tumbnail, the fullsize preview will appear in the center of the screen and they can navigate through images.

Note: We use #void in the HTML to not jump to the top of the page when closing the gallery. This is a hack, but should work as long as you don't have any div with ID void on your page. If you do, choose another name.


Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0

Credits do not need to be on your website, just leave them in the CSS.