Simple Social Board ~ Open Source Social Media Platform.

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SSB - Simple Social Board

A Simple social media board script coded in php that runs on flatfile databases. It requires no setup (except setting properties in the config.php script). SSB is released under the CC-BY-NC-SA v3.0 unported.

SSB was written by Chris Dorman, 2012-2020


10/07/2023 -v2.2.0 - minor version bump - mobile transition release

  • Bug fixes on friend request handling
  • CSS fixes on various user interface portions
  • Tweaks to allow for more mobile friendly experience
  • Navigation menu change, menu clean up
  • More to come with the growth of the social media platform (Secure Space)

10/20/2020 -v2.1.0 - version bump - feature release

  • Remove jquery from data folder (didn't need that for a while)
  • Add bg.jpg to data folder (oops)
  • Bug fixes
  • Dynamic notification clearing and post reacting
  • Reaction lists on hover VIA CSS
  • Post footers added
  • CSS cleanup for mobile usage
  • Allow for user chat scrolling

10/10/2020 -v2.0.3 - minor version bump - release

  • Removed unneeded HTML from bbcode parser
  • Added user reacts (notifications send with react, checks if trying to react multiple times)
  • Added minimal user page for outdated browsers (minimum.php, does most everything index.php can handle)
  • Some CSS modifications

10/10/2020 -v2.0.2 - minor version bump - release

  • BBCode image addition (boldtext) (underlinetext)
  • Bugfixes with notification menu, and user profile avatar linking
  • Added post removal abilities for post owners
  • Database speed enhancements (removed a ton of HTML out of the database to free space)
  • Reworked post / reply generation code
  • Updated some errors in user profile generation
  • New BG, hope you like!

9/20/2020 -v2.0.0 - major version bump - release

  • BBCode IMG addition for chat
  • Multi image uploads added
  • Reworked post attachment system
  • Added "send friend request" on public profiles
  • Added public user list (community tab)
  • Attachment CSS updates
  • Bugfixes in multiple redirects
  • Buffixes in image uploads when on slow connections
  • Added user to user tagging within posts & replies (use @)
  • Notification box rework, now available among all pages when logged in.
  • Post reply notifications, tag notifications, and message notifications working properly
  • 9/13/2020 -v1.3.1 - hotfix

    • BBCode bug in database, modified and fixed!

    9/13/2020 - v1.3.0 - feature update

    • Modified notification system for more board based features (Post reply notifications, message notifications)
    • CSS modifications, revamped friends list page
    • Little cleanup of unneeded code.

    8/3/2020 - v1.2.2 - hotfix

    • Private and public chat CSS updates
    • Bugfix for user profile avatars not loading on pages when not logged in
    • Add "my profile" button on navbar

    8/3/2020 - v1.2.1 - feature update

    • Added user settings panel for changing account passwords and avatar images.
    • Display profile images in posts and user profile page.
    • Bug fixes for unauthorized posts by users not friends with people when post links are directly connected to.
    • Large CSS changes, more mobile device friendly. More changes to come.

    8/2/2020 - v1.1.2 - hotfix

    • Minor tweaks
    • Another duplicate friend request bugfix

    8/2/2020 - v1.1.1 - hotfix

    • Mobile CSS and viewport tweaks
    • Couple of missed bug tweaks

    8/2/2020 - v1.1.0

    • Added friend to friend private messaging
    • Fixed a few friend request bugs -- Look for self sent friend requests and block -- Look for and block already accepted or pending friend requests
    • Friend request and new message notifications with wipe function.
    • Version bump, new ideas include: -- Owner / admin post removal -- Video media support -- Possible remove of public chat -- Password change (done) -- Profile pictures (done) -- Bot verification prompt for registeration.

    8/2/2020 - v1.0.3 - hotfix

    • After live version went online, noticed a bug with accepting friend requests multiple times
    • Check to see if public user is already followed by user.

    8/2/2020 - v1.0.2

    • Added private and public accounts for public figures, pages, meme groups.

    8/2/2020 - v1.0.1 - hotfix

    • Felt it was needed to finish the about page.
    • A couple UI tweaks, will probably have more minor version releases but meh.

    8/1/2020 - v1.0.0

    • Cleaned up functions, added more functions
    • View profiles from friends list, user info and feed.
    • Image upload capabilities.
    • CSS clean up, still things to be done.
    • Fully functioning public web chat!
    • Considered operational, and beta released!

    8/1/2020 - v0.2.0

    • Working home feed with personal and friends posts in order by date newest to oldest!
    • Public chat room with short term message buffer room. Great for chitchat.
    • Personal messaging in progress.
    • CSS clean up, added FontAwesome.
    • Added form input BB code parsing!
    • Known bugs: can send multi friend requests and spam another users notification box.

    8/1/2020 - v0.1.0

    • Working friends list to be incorporated into each users news feed output (in dev)
    • Some more CSS cleaning, more streamline website. More mobile friendly
    • NOTE: I'm just pumping out work on this LOL

    8/1/2020 - v0.0.2

    • Reconstructed posting database for friends list and feed processing
    • Separated some files (CSS, and functions within index.php)
    • More CSS clean up.
    • User base is also capable of replying, and posting. Feed still not operational.

    8/1/2020 - v0.0.1

    • Official release of SSB, now known Simple Social Board.
    • Added userbase to database.
    • Separated form functions into separate PHP doc for cleanliness.
    • CSS and HTML modifications
    • NOTE: Feed is public across all users currently. Working on friends system
    • NOTE: Friends list and messaging still in progress.

    2/1/2014 -

    Little fixing up