Open-source eShop alternative for the Nintendo 3DS. Official Fork by Paul_GameDev

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April 6th, 2018 (Update)

This Fork has been revived from Sleep. This Decision was made after Paul_GD didn't want to see the bugs of freeShop anymore. Those bugs will be fixed, and certain Features that were planned for Version 3.1.9 will be added / refined.

Please note that this does not have the intention to completely start active Development on this Fork, but only for Development of Things that were chosen as needed by Paul_GD.


Open source eShop alternative for the Nintendo 3DS. Allows you to browse and install titles you own (i.e. titles for which you have the titlekey).

Usage Instructions

  1. Install the CIA file on your CFW of choice (preferably one removing region restrictions)

  2. Put an encTitleKeys.bin file in the directory sdmc:/3ds/data/freeShop/keys/ (or go to update settings in freeShop and add a URL to download)

  3. Launch freeShop and enjoy

Building Instructions

freeShop depends on the cpp3ds library, whose location must be defined in the environment variable CPP3DS. Therefore, freeShop also needs cpp3ds's dependencies as well. (for the moment, freeShop must be compiled with devkitARM r46/libctru 1.2.1/citro3D 1.2.0)

To build from source on a Linux/UNIX-based system, run the following commands:

mkdir -p build
cd build
make -j4

To build the emulator or unit tests, simply change the relevant flags from "OFF" to "ON".

Credit & Thanks

All the people that helped make this possible listed here.