A compiler for the URM15 programming language.

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URM15scm - an interpreter for a very simple language

URM15scm is an interpreter for my language, URM15, which is based off of a theoretical model of an unbounded register machine. A complete description of the internal operations of this machine are given at https://proofwiki.org/wiki/Definition:Unlimited_Register_Machine

The registers and instructions begin indexing at 1 in the language, but internally they start indexing at 0.

Commands are read line-by-line, with comments beginning with the character '#' which potentially allows for #! syntax (although I doubt anyone needs it). The program keeps executing instructions in order, unless a jump occurs in which case it executes the line specified by the jump.

The program stops running when it tries to execute an instruction that does not exist. This either happens by jumping to a non-existent location, or simply by executing the final instruction.

There are four computation commands, and four I/O commands: Rx is read as "the register with index x."


  • CLR n: (zero) Sets Rn to 0.
  • INC n: (succ) Sets Rn to Rn + 1.
  • CPY m n: (copy) Puts the value from Rm into Rn.
  • JMP m n q: (jump) If Rm equals Rn, offset the program counter by q.


  • RDN n: (readnum) Reads a number from stdin and puts it into Rn.
  • RDC n: (readchr) Reads a char from stdin and puts the value into Rn.
  • PRN n: (printnum) Prints the numerical value from Rn.
  • PRC n: (printchr) Prints the char value from Rn.