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Current tip version: .VERSION (see Releases for binary versions)
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Important Notes

  2. Due to testing purpose, data of was reset in Jan 28, 2015 and will reset multiple times after. Please do NOT put your important data on the site.
  3. The demo site is running under develop branch.
  4. If you think there are vulnerabilities in the project, please talk privately to, and the name you want to be credited as. Thanks!
  5. If you're interested in using APIs, we have experimental support with documentation.
  6. If your team/company is using Gogs and would like to put your logo on our website, contact us by any means.



The goal of this project is to make the easiest, fastest, and most painless way of setting up a self-hosted Git service. With Go, this can be done with an independent binary distribution across ALL platforms that Go supports, including Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and ARM.



  • Activity timeline
  • SSH and HTTP/HTTPS protocols
  • SMTP/LDAP/Reverse proxy authentication
  • Reverse proxy with sub-path
  • Account/Organization/Repository management
  • Add/Remove repository collaborators
  • Repository/Organization webhooks (including Slack and Discord)
  • Repository Git hooks/deploy keys
  • Repository issues, pull requests, wiki and protected branches
  • Migrate and mirror repository and its wiki
  • Web editor for repository files and wiki
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Gravatar and Federated avatar with custom source
  • Mail service
  • Administration panel
  • Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3, MSSQL and TiDB (experimental)
  • Multi-language support (23 languages)

Hardware Requirements

  • A Raspberry Pi or $5 Digital Ocean Droplet is more than enough to get you started. Some even use 64MB RAM Docker CaaS.
  • 2 CPU cores and 512MB RAM would be the baseline for teamwork.
  • Increase CPU cores when your team size gets significantly larger, memory footprint remains low.

Browser Support

  • Please see Semantic UI for specific versions of supported browsers.
  • The smallest resolution officially supported is 1024*768, however the UI may still look right in smaller resolutions, but no promises or fixes.


Make sure you install the prerequisites first.

There are 5 ways to install Gogs:



Deploy to Cloud

Software and Service Support

Product Support


  • Thanks Egon Elbre for designing logo.
  • Thanks Crowdin for providing open source translation plan.
  • Thanks DigitalOcean for hosting home and demo sites.
  • Thanks KeyCDN and QiNiu for providing CDN service.



This project is under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for the full license text.