Blank slate rojo 0.5.x project that you can clone and get to work on.

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Rojo Sample Project

Blank slate rojo project that you can clone and get to work on.

How to get started

  1. Clone this repository with git clone <project name> replace project name with whatever you want to call your new project.
  2. Remove link to this repo with git remote rm origin
  3. Have Rojo set up and added to your PATH, or the project directory. (
  4. Setup your project name and possible dependencies in default.project.json
  5. Run rojo build -o place.rbxlx in your terminal of choice. This will create a place file for you to open and edit.
  6. Run rojo serve
  7. Open the place and activate the rojo plugin
  8. Start writing code! :D


This project uses Quenty's luacheck-roblox luacheck config.

luacheck-roblox is licensed under the MIT license