outdated collection of modules and utilities used in my roblox game

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PizzaAlpaca is a bunch of modules and utilities used in a lot of my projects, and now it's available for you to gawk at in abject horror!

How to use

PizzaAlpaca comes with a ModuleManager utility object that can load modules, modules follow this structure

local Module = {}

function Module:Init(moduleManager) -- Not safe to invoke other modules, they may not have initialized yet.
    -- Prepare your module to be invoked by other modules

function Module:Start(moduleManager) -- Safe to invoke other modules
    local OtherModule = moduleManager:GetModule("OtherModule")

return Module

The ModuleManager can be initialized simply

local PrintDebug = true
local ModuleManager = require(ReplicatedStorage.lib.object.ModuleManager).new(PrintDebug) -- Create new modulemanager with debug prints on

-- Adds all child modules in an instance to the loading queue. This is not recursive.

-- You may also queue singular modules if you want
-- ModuleManager:AddModule(someModuleScript) 

-- After all modules are added, load them, init them, then start them.

This style allows you to avoid circular dependancy problems you can get by just requireing.


This project uses Quenty's luacheck-roblox luacheck config. https://github.com/Quenty/luacheck-roblox

luacheck-roblox is licensed under the MIT license https://github.com/Quenty/luacheck-roblox/blob/master/LICENSE.md

This project uses Quenty's Maid object. https://github.com/Quenty/NevermoreEngine/blob/version2/Modules/Events/Maid.lua

This project uses Osyris' t typechecking module. https://github.com/osyrisrblx/t

t is licensed under the MIT license https://github.com/osyrisrblx/t/blob/master/LICENSE