Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  NetherEran 39a3572ad1 fixed warning because automatic_rotate was set to a boolean 3 years ago
  NetherEran 83e2f0314b removed fuel value of hot air balloons 3 years ago
  NetherEran 46b2bb173b made any fuel work for balloons 3 years ago
  NetherEran e6232ca9f4 updated readme, fixed wood in mcl2 craft 5 years ago
  NetherEran fcfb9a22ec made dependencies optional, made crafting recipies depend on dependencies and added support for mcl2 5 years ago
  NetherEran 1e798b61e7 added a fix for compatibility with v1.1 5 years ago
  NetherEran 5839a797dc finished api 5 years ago
  NetherEran 7a5b3c196e Added translations for de, es, ro; Added a proto api thingy 5 years ago
  NetherEran 6ec368137c Balloon destroying no longer uses death, fixing issues #1, #3 5 years ago
  NetherEran f18e3dc604 Merge branch 'fixmodconf' of rubenwardy/hot_air_balloons into master 5 years ago
  rubenwardy 7983e33521 Fix mod.conf 5 years ago
  NetherEran b142aceb5f updated readme with a little technical info 5 years ago
  NetherEran b6b1ca530a small optimizations and fixes, added explanation about fuel to readme.txt 5 years ago
  NetherEran df2e384145 removed unused file 5 years ago
  NetherEran e0817f2ac8 Players now no longer fall to their death if they leave while ballooning 5 years ago
  NetherEran cfd2075455 added screenshot 5 years ago
  NetherEran d419264996 changed control information to be more generic 5 years ago
  NetherEran 705c541392 texture and uv fixes..... 5 years ago
  NetherEran ae78ff336a added item burnability, adjusted balloon placement 5 years ago
  NetherEran a553116ba1 even more texture and uv adjustments 5 years ago
  NetherEran c9dd227fa6 texture and uv map adjustments 5 years ago
  NetherEran 41f6ebfc48 fixed balloon texture, adjusted flame particle position 5 years ago
  NetherEran f1fb1b7aa3 Added license information about the flame texture 5 years ago
  NetherEran 799107e2fc Fixed bug where balloon wouldn't always rotate in the right direction 5 years ago
  NetherEran c6fa645414 added flame particle when adding coal 5 years ago
  NetherEran 3f6b97e8e9 fixed balloon texture 5 years ago
  NetherEran 8681e24cfb fixed movement on land and in water, added lamps to model, changed textures, added lava bucket to crafting recipe 5 years ago
  NetherEran 3f6fcd49e4 Fixed readme by adding license information 5 years ago
  NetherEran 02c249307b Fixed license 5 years ago
  NetherEran 406b4b08ee Initial commit 5 years ago