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Infinite hordes have come to bring the apocalypse upon the dwarves! As some of the last ones remaining, you are on your own to make your death as expensive as possible.

This game is based on Minetest Defense by Lean Rada It is inspired by Dwarves vs Zombies by Robert Moran

To use this game with Minetest, insert this repository as /games/minetest_defense in the Minetest Engine.

The Minetest Engine can be found in:

Note: One of the mods can automatically check for updates. To do this, it sends a http request to when you start up the game. You can enable this in the games section of the minetest settings screen.

Compatibility and Installation

The End uses knockback features that were added to Minetest very recently. There is no official release that contains these yet. So if you're on linux, I recommend building from source. The Instructions for this are in the readme file of the minetest github

To play on Windows download the latest of sfan5's builds. You can install it by unzipping

To install the game, put it in the games folder of your Minetest installation.


GPLv3.0. See license.txt The media in the menu folder: CC BY-SA 3.0, (C) NetherEran.