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cert-spec.txt a26f28c01b Mention that we're using NBO in cert-spec.txt 1 year ago
control-spec.txt 54a7ad226c Bug 19859: Add HTTPCONNECT client protocol 11 months ago
dir-list-spec.txt b940965ea5 dir-list: Add a Future Plans section 1 year ago
dir-spec.txt 4ba8c630dc dir-spec: Add prop289 consensus parameters 1 year ago
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glossary.txt 6049c9517c Add some handshake terminology to glossary 3 years ago
guard-spec.txt 87a53bc089 add nsf acks 3 years ago
padding-spec.txt 479f0dc4bd Link to circuit padding dev doc location. 1 year ago
path-spec.txt 2058ddded0 Mention how HSLayer2Nodes and HSLayer3Nodes alter path restrictions. 2 years ago
pt-spec.txt d890052d55 pt-spec: Add the LOG and STATUS message 1 year ago
rend-spec-v2.txt 471af27b55 Create rend-spec-v3.txt based on proposal 224 3 years ago
rend-spec-v3.txt 87698dc1c0 rend-v3: Tor supports IPv4 and IPv6 link specifiers as of 1 year ago
socks-extensions.txt 87abfd89e3 Document more differences between SOCKS5 RFCs and how Tor implements SOCKS5 1 year ago
srv-spec.txt 357aeb27a5 Add some future alternative approaches to the SRV spec. 2 years ago
tor-fw-helper-spec.txt 43c37b1113 Make tor-fw-helper port-purpose-agnostic. 8 years ago
tor-spec.txt d03d6ace4b is scheduled to be a stable release. 1 year ago
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