IUP toolkit library for GOBO Eiffel.

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IUP toolkit wrapper for GOBO Eiffel project. IUP is a multi-platform toolkit for building graphical user interfaces. IUP's purpose is to allow a program source code to be compiled in different systems without any modification. Its main advantages are:

  • high performance, due to the fact that it uses native interface elements.
  • fast learning by the user, due to the simplicity of its API.

Supported systems include: GTK+, Motif and Windows (MacOS experimental).

In this version are available the following controls from IUP:

  • Almost all the dialogs (except the related to lua or development).
  • Almost all the standard controls (except some of the new controls added from IupControls library).

It should be used with IUP 3.27 or later.


A new tutorial has been added at Wiki:



An unit converter (See example3.e)

Unit Converter

A preferences panel (Easy to do with class IUP_GET_PARAM, see example5.e).

Simple Notepad

A simple Notepad (See tutorial simple_notepad).

Preferences panel

Drawing in a canvas (See example canvas_example.e).



Germán Arias


MIT License

GOBO Eiffel

The GOBO Eiffel libraries and tools:



IUP is Copyrighted © by Tecgraf/PUC-Rio. See:



CD is Copyrighted © by Tecgraf/PUC-Rio. See: