used in certain scams: GNU/Linux Activation Technologies FAQ

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This repository is satire related to the Windows keyservers going down in the early 2000s making all legitimate Windows XP seem pirated. There is no real Linux Genuine Advantage

How to Tell


GLAT is the only way to make sure your GNU/Linux copy is genuine using Key Server.

It should be configured to use Key Server URL which is distributed with your license. This server must be licensed by root Key Server, which are run by GNU Project and Linux Foundation.

If you buy OEM GNU/Linux license, you should receive Certificate of Authenticity (COA). If you buy retail license, you will receive product key label.

Examples are available in this repository.

Your copy should activate using GLAT Client when you insert product key in the following format: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX, where X are key digits/letters.

How much do licenses cost?

GNU Project and Linux Foundation set the following prices:

  • Single user license: $99
  • Volume license (starting from 25 copies): $49 for every copy
  • Key Server license: $4999 + full payment for every license issued (only sold by GNU Project and Linux Foundation)

When licenses are revoked?

Licenses will be revoked if product key is leaked somewhere. Key Server license could be revoked if it is issuing unpaid licenses.

Where is product key stored?

By default, /etc/glat/product-key

Why does my product key no longer work?

Most likely, your product key is leaked and is no longer valid. You have to contact GNU Project or Linux Foundation.

What do numbers on COA mean?

Number which begin with X is GNU/Linux distribution ID. Other one is Key Server ID. There is also license ID.

Here is list of common Key Server IDs:

  • AAA-00000 is default distribution Key Server
  • AAA-00001 is GNU Project
  • AAA-00002 is Linux Foundation
  • EUR-00001 is Free Software Foundation Europe
  • YYY-12345 is an example, should never be assigned