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inaugeral chat

*** Users on #witchlinux: @Choobs @wgreenhouse @Tazy @Digit +V-Ger +lunacat2 @dxlr8r +Jovo @kstigs @jony123 @orbea [2015-03-25 19:51:40] Choobs: Crone [2015-03-25 19:51:50] orbea: Crone witch ^_^ [2015-03-25 19:52:41] orbea: well versed in magic and capable of casting any kind of spell [2015-03-25 20:01:30] Digit: sweet. [2015-03-25 20:03:19] * orbea imagines a distro that can lrm, apt-get, installpkg, cast spells and etc. [2015-03-25 20:03:25] orbea: emerge [2015-03-25 20:05:44] Digit: so crone's the project to have a witch be package format blind.

whats the history

was a notion for digit's alpha1 of witch. it's always been a notion swirling around in the air. alpha1 did have a lot of stuff installed to translate between packages. deb2rpm, etc.

whats besides

rspm is besides. crone isnt rspm.
rspm is just a command unifying wrapper for basic package management commands.
crone is all packages are installable.

what is next

you are going to pick up the research mantle, start adding methods brick by brick, all the while thinking up new schemes, implementing the dream. maybe the right notion has already been. start building brick by brick and see what can be seen.

when the stars are aligned, and two moons rise over proxima centauri's 4th planet from view of earth, the crone will fly, and cast all about aspersions of dispersions and cestations of dispersions amongst all who ride a strand of foss.

no one really knows what is next, but signs and portents abound. kalkis laughter echoes louder from just beyond the hill. run a shreik from the coming egalitarian righting round, those port bellied round. seek then the seeking sound.

which witch

whichever witch, if she crones, she's the best.