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weight of a duck, burn em.

a distro notion started in early 2010, with the philosophy of no centralised organisation, no official, no core default... the idea being, it's more like wicca, than catholicism, in it's organisational structure. anyone can stand up to accomplish any task they see fit for witch. be that adding some script, releasing an iso, making a forum, a mailing list, a wiki, anything.

the policy is, "do, and inform. dont ask." meaning, there's no "can i do this" or "can i have this", since there's no boss to ask. witch encourages autonomy, and a fully empowered community.

less philosophically and more practically, witch has progressed from releases based on slax, debian, arch, slitaz and slackware, to a grander idea embodied in "witchcraft" to enable users to create and share their own distros and desktops, built upon any base distro. so far, the basic gentoo stuff is just about working, though not yet the full featureset. the plan is to include other gentoo-like distros (funtoo, exherbo), bedrock, freebsd, debian, etc etc etc. so the user has their choice of base distro under the hood, and also, the desktop environment will be up to their choice too, with the ability to create their own desktop environments, and share them, and use other people's shared desktop environments too. and able to share not just the desktop environments, but also the remastered iso too.

please feel free to join in the fun in reaching for this rather grand goal (or joining in in any other way you like). come see us in #witchlinux on

about this repository

this repository is mainly for witchcraft, but will gladly accomodate any and all other projects reasonably on-topic for witch.

this is digit's git, you are free (and encouraged) to make your own witch repos too, though digit will probably add you as contributor here, once you've hung around in #witchlinux on for a bit.

See history, philosophy, witchcraft and witchsites for more infomation about witch and witches.