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witch sites

since there is no official site, resulting from the philosophy of no central hierarchy or dictator, we will try to be helpfull enough to keep tabs on witch sites.

http://tinyurl.com/witchlinux - usually keeps reasonably up to date with some witch links, has a webchat to the irc channel. [http://witch.fuge.it] - had some stuff ~ back in the day before it found its purpose as cloud torrent. [http://invariability.net/witch] - down puffinux forums - down - see the forum section (accessible through the tinyurl link) digit\'s other site\'s witch directory new - status uncertain there are others too...

and again, to re-emphasise the point...

no one of these sites is THE witch site.
any such site claiming to be such, is something completely different, and misses the point of witch.

other mentions


make your own

that\'s not a command unto you, there\'s no obligation. just a happy encouragement.

you can make your own witch site, repo, whatever. the point is the freedom to do so, without asking permission.

stick the word "witch" on it somewhere if you like, incase you feel like that's needed to give you license to make it.

not necessary though. nor is it even necessary you tell us about it.
we\'re not the bureau of witch, we\'re not the council, the H.Q., or any of that nonsense.

it is sad that we had become so dependent on authority to tell us when it is ok. you are an adult (probably), not a child of the state, and even if you are a child of the state, or a real child, you can still go ahead and make any witch you like. ... and make any site too.

be it a blog, a repo, a general website full of the various accoutriments... whatever. if u wanna do it, do it, and please tell us about it too, because of chinese proverbs about snapping twigs in forrests.