Digit's dotfiles.

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Digit's dotfiles.



oh, i rly thot thur wuz more i'd add initially. small start. ^_^ might add snapshots of dribble, and tabularboonad, my mpv config, other specific emacs files (like the various erc tweaks, and sauron), move my fools list somewhere else for easier more streamline dotfiling, add dmenu, add an openbox n spectrwm n clfswm configs, n maybe even a fluxbox too, for those rare times i use those, add a fish config, a bashrc, a zsh config, add a .Xresources/.Xdefaults, add various bedrock related configs too, add various strata specific configs and the portions which would have differing configs between strata for same programs (ach, lost before backup), gimp configs (ouch, yeah, lost my gradients), audacity configs (?), tidal files(? (or other repo)), add~deep breath add a script to restore, add a script that lets me chose upon restore whether i want for that system a tabularboonad or a dribble, add a script to repack and re-upload git merge push etc my dotfiles.