DomainVoider is a project dedicated to providing AdGuard Pro users with custom built, iOS-focused filter subscriptions.

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Gitlab pipeline status (self-hosted)

Now proudly included on:

DomainVoider now releases a single, simplified filter list. The effects of this change are far better loading times on all iDevices compatible with AdGuard Pro. It also reduces memory and CPU usage for those using it as a filterlist for the AdGuard or uBlock Orgin extensions.

AdGuard for iOS Pro is Free and Open-Source Software.

See the Free Software Foundation to learn more.

DomainVoider on GitLab


DomainVoider on


GET DOMAINVOIDER over the TOR network at: http://vmyccb3jdb7yij.onion



Note: the version hosted over Tor may not be current, and generally is not. Best efforts are made to keep it so, though it does not generally match the versions hosted on GitLab and on NotABug (aka Gogs) which are always current releases.