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This is the code powering freepost, a free discussion board that allows users to post text and links that other users can read and comment.


Setup Python3 virtual environment

cd freepost-directory
python3 -m venv venv (if this doesn't work, try `virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 venv`)
source venv/bin/activate
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Run test server

source venv/bin/activate
python3 -m bottle --debug --reload --bind freepost

Build stylesheets

Build CSS files

stylus --watch --compress --disable-cache --out freepost/static/css/ freepost/static/stylus/freepost.styl


  • Build CSS stylesheets (see Development above)
  • Copy all files to your public_html folder
  • Make sure settings.yaml has restricted permissions, for instance 0600
  • If the SQLite database is located in the same HTML folder, make sure this too has restricted access
  • Rename .htaccess.wsgi or .htaccess.cgi to .htaccess (if you use CGI or WSGI)
  • Change settings in settings.yaml if needed
  • Create Python virtual environment For tuxfamily only: run newgrp freepost before creating the virtenv, for quota reasons
  • Create a new empty SQLite database: cat database.schema.sql | sqlite3 database.sqlite

Everything should be setup and working. Make sure your CGI or WSGI server is configured correctly.


freepost is free software licensed as GNU Affero General Public License, either version 3 or (at your option) any later version.