Guix packages not included in Guix package collection

Oleg Pykhalov 24cce746fd .gitlab-ci.yml: Update. 3 days ago
wigust cd872576ac wigust: Move emacs-gitlab-ci-mode and emacs-matcha to upstream. 3 days ago
.dir-locals.el f31f1d50a8 Add .dir-locals.el. 8 months ago
.gitlab-ci.yml 24cce746fd .gitlab-ci.yml: Update. 3 days ago
LICENSE 8552bc6116 Add LICENSE. 1 year ago
README 97b90f852f README: Update. 2 months ago
emacs-info-colors-add-more-syntax.patch 705eb7b5cf wigust: Add emacs-info-colors. 1 year ago
emacs-tramp-sudo.patch fc6171e92a wigust: emacs-athena: Add emacs-tramp-sudo.patch. 2 months ago
emacs-use-package-add-which-to-bind-key.patch edbfc161df wigust: Add emacs-use-package-add-which-to-bind-key. 1 year ago
emacs-xterm-mouse-support.patch 181a0819c7 wigust: Add emacs-athena. 1 year ago
haunt-asset-follow-symlinks.patch 471bed58fb wigust: Add haunt-symlinks. 1 year ago
pulsemixer-emacs-keybindings.patch 932de0e0c5 wigust: Add pulsemixer-emacs-keybindings. 1 year ago
vc-dwim-find-git-worktree.patch c9d88e9ea1 wigust: Add vc-dwim-git-worktree. 1 year ago


This repository contains Guix packages not included in Guix package collection
repository or modified for my own purposes.