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  1. wepage: a werc-like site generator
  2. ========================================
  3. I used to use `werc <>`__ to make my home
  4. page. However, werc uses CGI, which is not supported by most of the
  5. modern web servers. After I knew how CGI works, I wrote a script
  6. called werc-gen, which simulates the CGI calls to generate the static
  7. pages. However, it still requires rc shell, which is not installed on
  8. a common GNU/Linux system, and usually fails to work. That's why I
  9. plan to write a new static site generator.
  10. Recently, I saw an article from Hacker News called `m4: the one true
  11. templating language <>`__, which I
  12. think is a good start to make my site generator. So I copy the werc
  13. HTML templates and rewrite them in m4, and make this project called
  14. wepage.
  15. The wepage site generator contains two tools:
  16. - generates the werc-like navigation side bar, currently
  17. written in Python
  18. - generates a site from markdown and reStructuredText
  19. files
  20. To use this tool, run::
  21. ./ <source dir> <dest dir>
  22. Then you get your site.
  23. Related work
  24. ----------------
  25. I saw another two small static site generators recently, and they look more simple:
  26. - `shayla <>`__: a very fast site generator written in C
  27. - ssg: the site generator which inspires shayla, using Unix shell, find, grep, awk
  28. License
  29. --------
  30. wepage is in the public domain.