Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  DustDFG b23b9787b8 Update help target of make. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar 8bc04b2ea5 Make the sitemap easier to read. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar d78dfdc57e Cleanup the makefile. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar 644e528f94 Remove creation of unusage directory. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar dbb98cfdf9 Update the lua filter examples to not convert links that contain the colon-slash-slash. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar 4160f7596e Fix the rss feed generator. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar 47ab6a31aa Fix the template metadata. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar 177c58a627 Fix the missing home directory from the sitemap. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar 081941d6e8 Add a better function to get the absolute path. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar 24c4f47801 Fix a typo in the man page. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar 5b025d6440 Add a sitemap generator for markdown. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar e3c777095d Make the cd mock a better noop. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar e83ea5986d Organize the bash modules by command. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar 302846d546 Fix the shellcheck lint in issue #2 for the rss feed. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar cd24c460fb Add rss builder. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar b0aaa861f3 Add a stub manpage. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar f6e6effef2 Finish using shellcheck to find and fix lint. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar 6e59015632 Use shellcheck on most of the modules. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar af177d74d5 Add a simple check for pandoc at runtime. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar 03387ef576 Finish the usage prompt. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar 1f7e9d2bc0 Remove the args options from the build_main function. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar 580284c80f Add some mocks. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar b9e2409799 Add a version. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar 243fb9b35e Add markdown-static as a supported pandoc extention for markdown. 2 years ago
  vaeringjar 9287348645 init 2 years ago