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  txtsd a5bad8944c chore(readme): Update info about poetry 1 year ago
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  txtsd b86f6b6a21 feat: Add Poetry 1 year ago
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  txtsd 07760d6d1c Use R strings for regex 1 year ago
  txtsd 12012d60bb Use appdirs instead of platformdirs 1 year ago
  txtsd 51cb7806f2 Change release name 1 year ago
  txtsd b8d645c701 Move quit logic 1 year ago
  txtsd 18c95a601d Allow output to file 1 year ago
  txtsd 9607002264 Remove unused constants 1 year ago
  txtsd 6482490a17 Store jars and avoid redownloads 1 year ago
  txtsd f5ea3fad51 Use system cache directory 1 year ago
  txtsd 2f93f525b0 Improve check for dict 1 year ago
  txtsd 858636f579 Allow showing more minecraft versions 1 year ago
  txtsd e62a84e02d Allow filtering unstable versions 1 year ago
  txtsd c9247c1f96 Update README 1 year ago
  txtsd 12b637c1b2 Adjust quit logic 1 year ago
  txtsd 844263dab1 Prevent terminal from closing abruptly 1 year ago
  txtsd f816de36f0 Allow comparing 2 minecraft versions 1 year ago
  txtsd 34cced2aa4 Fix typo 1 year ago
  txtsd b2b06f7556 Quit if no resource packs found 1 year ago
  txtsd 3fe052f8e3 Streamline workflow 1 year ago
  txtsd dbb2e91f7d Add github workflows 2 years ago
  txtsd 63db409b29 Add nuitka as a dev dependency 2 years ago