Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  tomtsagk c099522316 ability to change from one world to another 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 4423154513 add interface for the engine's functions 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 64f866cbfe add randomiser 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 4b3262c7eb fix collision syntax 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 0c80c71a78 ability to change sprite's size 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 54496477bd add collision to sprites 1 year ago
  Tom Tsagk c6f0f760e0 click now has coordinates x and y 1 year ago
  Tom Tsagk 0fb3c5409c add bezier curves function 1 year ago
  Tom Tsagk ab4d00c4ae change sprite `load` to accept name as argument 1 year ago
  Tom Tsagk 25d15b3da7 add support for vector2d 1 year ago
  Tom Tsagk f8fc1bfdb4 add click 1 year ago
  Tom Tsagk 1132b64a96 add width and height to sprite, improved initialitation 1 year ago
  Tom Tsagk 586bf07da4 add x and y on sprite 1 year ago
  Tom Tsagk 32ccfbba4a add sprite support 1 year ago
  Tom Tsagk 7b5107ecad create default empty functions for abstract world 1 year ago
  Tom Tsagk 98e8ba79ae add helper functions to create and init a world 1 year ago
  Tom Tsagk 05e7c7d624 make the engine more game-agnostic and able to compile games itself 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 4d054fcb0b all global symbols now have the "dd_" or "DD_" prefix 1 year ago
  tomtsagk bf903edade makefile is now compiler agnostic 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 5bacda3153 add support for the menu to ask to quit 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 2caf49a477 make the engine compile-able independently 1 year ago
  Tom Tsagk f8e54b6fac organisation 1 year ago
  Tom Tsagk fe8ad0b128 init commit 1 year ago