Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Tom Tsagk 7f4c830708 Merge branch 'master' of 1 year ago
  Tom Tsagk 59e0c448b4 add new graphics, active button in main menu now shakes 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 5ca59900ff change item texture size in game 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 09ad4cbd4a Merge branch 'master' of 1 year ago
  Tom Tsagk c0c61cd7e6 new assets, template of first map and crystal 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 7127d54414 game items texture size change 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 6779357033 update engine 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 1c2b734682 fix collision-attack bug 1 year ago
  Tom Tsagk ba7ee8bdc8 reorganised player logic, remove RUN and HURT states as they were not in use 1 year ago
  Tom Tsagk 7bd23338b6 illusion to make platforms look more 3D 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 2a90ad3022 game map now has infinite-sized columns 1 year ago
  tomtsagk b916daa713 fix for player's jump 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 0429f2756c player's level now affects all of his abilities, experimental values 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 47424617b4 fix bug when walking on the left edge of the map 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 117f531519 add ability for different maps to have different sized platforms 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 378e52c30f fix collision bug, players can now walk on top of each other, but with rising platforms appeared 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 5761811f63 items now increase player's level 1 year ago
  tomtsagk a0283e363b attacking a platform now decreases it 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 536020fb00 add casting cooldown 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 6ce381bcbd items are now falling 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 4ce0c324cd organise code, add lonely win condition 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 63ce3d7443 Merge branch 'main_menu' 1 year ago
  tomtsagk d7999fc1de add ability to quit from a menu 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 46a6af887b add phony targets in makefile, adjust .gitignore for all future executables 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 5ffbae1f01 improve makefile, add warnings, fix warnings 1 year ago
  tomtsagk b2b17e9b43 items now spawn inside stage range 1 year ago
  tomtsagk 5c5614a1bf add sample buttons 1 year ago
  tomtsagk dc8e206e06 items now spawn randomly 1 year ago
  tomtsagk c22edbfd07 add collision to items, and make them dissapear on player touch 1 year ago
  tomtsagk f1558259c4 add collision to a general-purpose file for organisation 1 year ago