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  Björn Wärmedal bf0e116da4 Bugfix: teahouse can be placed near bank 1 week ago
  Björn Wärmedal 7a071430c9 Fixed station names 10 months ago
  Björn Wärmedal e8bdbd2a89 Tweaked appearance chances for all industries 10 months ago
  Björn Wärmedal 4053c381ce Added nearby station names 11 months ago
  Björn Wärmedal e7bcb241b2 Fine tuned spawn probabilities based on play test experience 1 year ago
  Björn Wärmedal d4f5bb099b Everything done! Polish description a bit and then releeeeeaaaase! 1 year ago
  Björn Wärmedal 78c125e53f looots of changes... sorry about that. 1 year ago
  Björn Wärmedal 9aed85a400 MOAR SPRITES! 1 year ago