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  1. TMG1's Breakfast Pancakes
  2. My pancakes are way better now. My coworker steve says I should patent this invention...but I give it to you for free, par usuale.
  3. You will need:
  4. a DOZEN eggs
  5. 1(+/-.5) cup butter
  6. 3 cups flour
  7. 2.5(+/-.25) cup sugar
  8. 1 coffeepot (+filters)
  9. some coffee grounds (everyone has coffee right? right?!)
  10. 1 heating apparatus(oven)
  11. 1 pan/spatula
  12. measuring cups
  13. a large mixing bowl(big enough to hold all ingredients and then some for stirring)
  14. a leidle
  15. a smaller mixing bowl
  16. some water to clean with
  17. powdered skim milk. (I could give you a brand name if you need one, but you probably shouldn't. In fact regular powdered milk might work too, but skim was all I had on me)
  18. flaxseed(optional)
  19. raisins(optional)
  20. plate(optional)
  21. Steps:
  22. using the coffee grounds, and coffee pot brew 4 cups of coffee BUT instead of using the amount of coffee grounds that you'd use if you were making coffee to *drink* you want to use twice as many. I use 5 SCOOPS when I'm drinking coffee, and I used 10. If you don't know just try 10 heaping tablespoons. Or more.
  23. While that's going on, you can mix the flour & sugar. Just measure them into your large mixing bowl, and with your hands mix until it's a consistently mixed material. Do not eat.
  24. Melt the butter somehow(doesn't matter how).
  25. In the smaller bowl, place 16 tablespoons(tbsp) of powdered milk(or whatever the equivalent is to "make" 4 cups of milk) and add coffee. Stir -- the milk powder should dissolve more or less completely in the hot coffee.
  26. crack eggs and add contents to the sugar+flour mixture. Also add hot coffee, and melted butter. (And flaxseed. And raisins.*). (Do not eat).
  27. (with your hands, if necessary), stir until your pancake mixture is evenly mixed. You may need to wash your hands afterwards. (You might be able to eat this stuff in this form but I wouldn't recommend it).
  28. if desirable, preheat frying pan. I set mine to '5-7' on our stove because our stove has extremely inconsistent temperature. You'll know if it's too hot because you'll burn your pancakes, and you'll know it's too cool in that it won't cook them. There's a sweet spot in the middle of these two extremes where you can cook a pancake, flip it into your hands where it will be pretty much immediately(although I'd practise making a few first to be safe without doing this!), where it will be cool enough to hold, pouring the next one in with the leidle, and by the time you're done scarfing that one down the next pancake will be ready to take out of the pan. How to set your element will in large part be also determined how big your leidle scoop is---if you make giant pancakes you will need to cook them larger--but they should take longer to eat, and hence the next one should probably still be ready about the time you're done eating the one you have. You may also want to grease your pan, depending how nonsticky your pan is.
  29. cook: take a scoop of the pancake mixture(kind of as described above) with your leidle and heat using your heated frying pan.
  30. take pancake out of frying pan and go to previous step&
  31. eat pancake. As described above, if your temperature was set right(and this will depend on your heating apparatus on how to do that), you should be able to eat the pancake almost directly out of the frying pan, with your bare hands. No syrup should be necessary since it's mostly sugar and coffee anyway. and did I mention COFFEE!? :D
  32. clean up after all pancakes are eaten. You may want to store unused batter, pancakes for later, if you have any, in a refrigerated area.
  33. There you have it. The time involved is mostly governed by cleaning time. It's kind of healthy, a lot of sugar & butter...*but* plenty of protein, omega3s(?), and also lots of energy for you. AND COFFEE. IN YOUR PANCAKES. :D