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  rsiddharth 4455061a5b Update LPiCal.__init__ 3 years ago
  rsiddharth a32c34dab6 Format via black. 3 years ago
  rsiddharth b97e19d8ed Update LPiCal.gen_ical. 4 years ago
  rsiddharth 302b5e0964 lps_gen: Rename '-s' switch to '-sc' 4 years ago
  rsiddharth 2bfb8a5291 Update main. 4 years ago
  rsiddharth 73ccb20703 lps_gen: Remove `lp_t` command line argument. 4 years ago
  rsiddharth b202aa341f Update template_read. 4 years ago
  rsiddharth df19a818d8 Update template_read. 4 years ago
  rsiddharth 8ca7c73df5 Add template_read. 4 years ago
  rsiddharth a3c15dee7d Update main. 4 years ago
  rsiddharth 8eac96fded Update 4 years ago
  rsiddharth ee482a333f Update LPiCal.to_ical. 4 years ago
  rsiddharth 13a80655ea Update LPiCal.mk_datetime. 4 years ago
  rsiddharth 2cf87b3dbb Update LPiCal.gen_uid. 4 years ago
  rsiddharth 8bb24f30c0 Update LPiCal. 4 years ago
  rsiddharth d5daeab70c * Update read_file. 5 years ago
  rsiddharth 834bfc7217 Update write_file. 5 years ago
  rsiddharth 9339655f0d Update LPiCal.gen_ical. 5 years ago
  rsiddharth 0564d72ad1 Remove unicode mumbo jumbo. 5 years ago
  rsiddharth 34f3d8cc3b Change string handling. 5 years ago
  rsiddharth a4df072641 Dedicate to Public Domain. 5 years ago
  rsiddharth 455c74b37d Use SPDX license identifier. 5 years ago
  rsiddharth 9f2f570a45 Update LPiCal timeslot regex slurping. 5 years ago
  François Revol 8f83f1b38c Update the timeslot regex to make the name optional 5 years ago
  rsiddharth 9bd199a913 Update LPSRenderer. 6 years ago
  rsiddharth 64738c4359 LPSRenderer: Add _process_video. 6 years ago
  rsiddharth eb7732b5ef lps_gen: Use items() instead iteritems() on dicts. 6 years ago
  rsiddharth 7b75bf324c Update print statements. 6 years ago
  François Revol 6c866e860f Add the X-WR-CALNAME property to the ICS 6 years ago
  rsiddharth 5e5570fe1f Update copyright year. 6 years ago