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  rsiddharth d575fc9b31 lpschedule_generator/ Bump to 0.10.0. 4 years ago
  rsiddharth b97e19d8ed Update LPiCal.gen_ical. 4 years ago
  rsiddharth d36e9301c5 Update config. 4 years ago
  rsiddharth 1a45b44066 lpschedule_generator/ Bump to 0.10.dev1 4 years ago
  rsiddharth f34b276dd9 tests: Update 4 years ago
  rsiddharth 302b5e0964 lps_gen: Rename '-s' switch to '-sc' 4 years ago
  rsiddharth f3534a95c1 Remove reference to paths of templates. 5 years ago
  rsiddharth 2bfb8a5291 Update main. 5 years ago
  rsiddharth 7386352cdd tests/ Update TestTemplates. 5 years ago
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  rsiddharth 8ca7c73df5 Add template_read. 5 years ago