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  2. We encourage users to send contributions to the REDUCE network library. The
  3. rules are simple, and are designed to increase the effectiveness of the
  4. contribution rather than make more work for the contributor.
  5. Messages (and also code comments if possible) should be in English. REDUCE
  6. is an international system, used by scientists in many countries who speak
  7. many different languages. The only way to make such a system effective is
  8. to have all dialog in one language, which for obvious reasons is English.
  9. Lines of code should have a maximum length of 71 characters, and only
  10. contain the symbols listed in the REDUCE User's Manual. Other files
  11. should not contain lines longer than 80 characters. No file should be
  12. more than 100,000 bytes long. This is required so that all known REDUCE
  13. systems can process the code, and electronic mail systems handle the
  14. transmission of the relevant files.
  15. In the case of a complete package, the following is required:
  16. 1. A header comment listing
  17. a) the title of the program,
  18. b) the name and address of the author(s), including network address,
  19. c) the date of the program,
  20. d) a brief abstract,
  21. e) the version of REDUCE required,
  22. f) relevant publications,
  23. g) appropriate keywords.
  24. 2. A separate document file describing the use of the program, preferably
  25. in LaTeX using the style file reduce.sty in the documents directory.
  26. 3. A test file. This should consist of a sequence of commands that neither
  27. read input nor output to files other than the standard output device.
  28. 4. A log of the output from running the test file.
  29. 5. A signed REDUCE Contribution Form giving us rights to the
  30. distribution of the code.
  31. For smaller code fragments and other material, only the signed form is
  32. needed. This form follows.
  33. ---------------------------- cut here ----------------------------
  35. Description of Program Material:
  36. Principal Author:
  37. Organization (if applicable):
  38. Postal Address:
  39. Electronic Mail Address:
  40. Telephone:
  41. Are you the sole author of this software?
  42. If not, please write the names of the other authors here and attach their
  43. addresses and telephone numbers.
  44. Acknowledgment and Agreement
  45. -------------- --- ---------
  46. To the best of my knowledge, I have the right to contribute this program
  47. material without breaching any obligation concerning nondisclosure of
  48. proprietary or confidential information of other persons or organizations.
  49. I am contributing this program material on a nonconfidential, nonobligatory
  50. basis to Anthony C. Hearn ("Hearn") for possible use in the REDUCE algebraic
  51. computation system and its associated program libraries. I agree that Hearn
  52. may use, duplicate, modify, publish, distribute and market the program
  53. material, and authorize others to do so without obligation or liability of
  54. any kind. Hearn may publish my name and address, as the contributor, to
  55. facilitate user inquiries pertaining to this program material.
  56. Signature ____________________________________ Date __________________