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REDUCE/Symbolic Scripts

by Dieter (Olli) Egger

Script Descriptions

  • Solving equations: algebra.txt

  • Analyzing functions:

    • Decide on the function to be analyzed, for example "f:=x**3 - 2*x**2;"
  • Properties: boolean.txt

  • Analysis: calculus.txt

  • Physical constants: establish definitions:; delete definitions:

  • Sine, cosine, tangent:

  • Binomials, trigonometry, computational accuracy:

  • Simple function analysis:

  • Simple derivatives:

  • Binomials, rules:

  • Nested parentheses: heron.txt

  • Hypergeometry and MeijerG: hypermeijerg.txt

    • Without LaTeX formatting OK.
  • Integration, limits:

  • Integration: integral.txt

  • Introduction: introReduce.txt

  • Linear algebra: linalg.txt

  • Matrix inversion:

  • Computation of space-time metrics

    • Metric-tensor from the equation of the hypersurface of a hypersphere, 2-dim:, 3-dim:, 4-dim:
    • Riemann, Ricci, Einstein tensors and solution of the field equations, 2-dim:, 3-dim:, 4-dim:
  • Dynamic variable names: mkid.txt

  • Partial fractions: partialFraction.txt

  • Energy of a photon (requires and photonenergy.txt

  • Prefix operators: prefix.txt

  • Programming: programming.txt

  • Simple rules:

  • Definition of a function:

  • Speed of light: speedoflight.txt



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