Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Robert Alessi cd949ce2bc updated to v1.18 6 months ago
  Robert Alessi 82a4715ea1 reverted from [d2f60b9] which broke the taḫfīf al-hamzah 10 months ago
  Robert Alessi 2eea4c3208 'Default' rules: leave hamzah alone in the middle of words after letters of prolongation or sukūn 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi d2f60b95ce moved the rules that generate sukūn over final hamza when appropriate to a location where they can operate 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi a41e11d62d revert [dcb7cbd] 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi dcb7cbd8e3 include the taṭwīl in the rules that generate the sukūn 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi 15c67eb239 updated copyright dates 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi 5501041edd cleaned up the lua code 2 years ago
  Robert Alessi 0b00f31b9f additional rules for putting back on ʾalif al-waṣl with \arbnull{} 2 years ago
  Robert Alessi 5bd9eac901 documentation updated. a few arbnull rules were needed in voc and fullvoc 2 years ago
  Robert Alessi a675da7e91 color support: added new rules 2 years ago
  Robert Alessi 97295d2565 hard-coded sukūn 2/2 2 years ago
  Robert Alessi c0f4f58697 added hard-coded sukūn 2 years ago
  Robert Alessi 82a7066d1d %p? was not enough as a word boundary. replaced with %p* 2 years ago
  Robert Alessi ac68dc4f87 started documenting \arbmark{}; one superfluous rule (hamza + aN + ʾidġām) had to go 2 years ago
  Robert Alessi b27ba647d1 new command \prname{}; updated copyright dates 2 years ago
  Robert Alessi 30e818377e such words as hay'At should not have the maddah 3 years ago
  Robert Alessi 4cd9c32271 much work was needed on the final hamzah. in such words as ^say'aN, \SetArbDflt now puts the hamzah on the line while \SetArbEasy puts it above yāʾ without dots 3 years ago
  Robert Alessi e526245889 added dual and plural of miʾatun 3 years ago
  Robert Alessi e4beabc37d the strange spelling of miʾatun has been added 3 years ago
  Robert Alessi 653bcca4cf the Munjid says that such words as radI'aN do not have the hamzah alone on the line 3 years ago
  Robert Alessi b739b274bd still wrong. hopefully fixed now 3 years ago
  Robert Alessi 55779240d7 the rule set in the preceding commit was incomplete. fixed 3 years ago
  Robert Alessi 09fc251b69 new rule: [wf]a-' may be used in imperatives should one wish to reject the initial alif conjunctionis of weak verbs 3 years ago
  Robert Alessi 514d87a7e6 more work on the rules of taḫfīf al-hamzah 3 years ago
  Robert Alessi abe3589462 new rule: hyphen + initial alif without hamza followed by hamza 3 years ago
  Robert Alessi ebd79c76eb added ʾalif maqṣūrah after hamzah in the fullvoc rules 3 years ago
  Robert Alessi 1ece55f7f4 bugfix: wrongly generated sukūn above any dot following a word ended by sukūn 3 years ago
  Robert Alessi ea69c68351 hamzah + pr. suffix: the carrier must pass into yāʾ before ī 3 years ago
  Robert Alessi cd9dfe4561 put '.A[uai]?l-' into the lunar/solar mechanism 3 years ago