update.json 747 B

  1. {
  2. "version":"5.0.0",
  3. "changelog":"<script>$('#modal_msg_title').text('Why are you still using Deezloader Remix?!');setTimeout(function(){localStorage.removeItem('updateModal')}, 1000);</script>Deezloader Remix only downloads MP3s in 128kbps (if you don't have a hi-fi subscription, or an unofficial patched version) due to deezer patching their API. Keep in mind that installers for unofficial patches could contain viruses or spywares!<br><br>Deezloader Remix is also no longer mantained. You should start using <b>deemix</b>! Search it on reddit or telegram, I'm sure you'll find it. The android fork of this app still works, but it's not recommended as it's a janky port of a desktop app.<br><br>You need to move on. Deezloader is dead."
  4. }