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  ohnonot 0eca24e327 moved "recent" pipemenu to openbox-pipemenus repository - git-check-20210228-1642 7 months ago
  ohnonot cc385c4b74 making warnings friendlier 7 months ago
  ohnonot 46444b9de7 fixing problems with filenames with quotes 7 months ago
  ohnonot 9bfbe41562 fixing problems with filenames with quotes 7 months ago
  ohnonot 41d4a001c4 improvements 7 months ago
  ohnonot f84b0ef53c many improvements 7 months ago
  ohnonot c5fc059e05 better comments 8 months ago
  ohnonot ca00e9e98c function renamed 8 months ago
  ohnonot 52d5f15012 major rewrite 8 months ago
  ohnonot 72908adf0a major rewrite 8 months ago
  ohnonot 4bdbc9f3d3 dont do anything if theres nothing to do 8 months ago
  ohnonot 3d16db0a10 reduce array size to only what we want ($max) + more commentary 8 months ago
  ohnonot 8cc61651d1 add link to forum thread 8 months ago
  ohnonot 561c35c1d9 various edits, and new script "recent" 8 months ago
  ohnonot 404d500efd added another script 9 months ago
  ohnonot f31da80151 added another script 9 months ago
  ohnonot 9952c2eba0 git-check-20201223-1025 9 months ago
  ohnonot d9ebfdd2fc moved youtube stuff to its own repo ../youtube-tools 11 months ago
  ohnonot d16620c701 adding 2 more scripts 1 year ago
  ohnonot 88f7c829c8 Improved logging 1 year ago
  ohnonot 5614c7082a renamed to 1 year ago
  ohnonot 178430ad73 major changes... hopefully more robust YT requests & parsing 1 year ago
  ohnonot 9dd7d16071 small changes on yt-s, larger changes on mpv-clip 1 year ago
  ohnonot 5eeaae0276 more changes... 1 year ago
  ohnonot d79eb23b84 adding timeout, improving tor wrapper 1 year ago
  ohnonot 05211187fb added tor functionality 1 year ago
  ohnonot 6960976c7f mostly youtube-search, added command line option parsing etc. 1 year ago
  ohnonot 28846f41a7 Changed license (was public domain, is GPL3) 1 year ago
  ohnonot be79970869 make sure it uses python3 1 year ago
  ohnonot ef7df9d1ce added license (not mine) 1 year ago